Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Day

It's Thursday morning, hard to believe how quickly time has flown here. Tel Aviv is a wonderful city, most the signs are in English and Hebrew and nearly everyone speaks some English. The hotel is great, near the beach and several other people in town for the wedding are staying there. The spread for breakfast is unbelivable, I'm especially fond of the chocolate croissants and the egg salad. Last night we went to the Shimshoni's for a "rehearsal" dinner. There's really nothing to rehearse so it was more a get aquainted party with all the out of towners. Hilla's sister's boyfriend made all the food, fanstastic appetizer type things, with wine and champagne. The parent's apartment is on the top two floors of their building and the rooftop has patios on 2 sides of a small room. A fantastic view of the city and a very friendly crowd. The city is very easy to get around in, it's small in area so you can walk most places and with a map it's easy to find your way around. The traffic is crazy, motorbikes everywhere that run up on the sidewalk to get around traffic or to park.Lots of outdoor cafes. People take their dogs everywhere but the number of stray cats is sad. Most everyone we have met is friendly. Currently the exchange is about 4 sheckels to a dollar and the money is very easy to understand. I have felt comfortable here from the minute I arrived and with the temperate climate think this would be a great place to live. The wedding festivities will start in a few hours, just enough time for a swim in the Mediterranean and a nap. Tomorrow we'll tour Jerusalem and see the religious side of the country. More later, Jax

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  1. I am glad you got to Tel Aviv safely Jack! Tel Aviv sounds like a wonderful place. Can't wait to hear about the wedding :)