Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well friends, it's almost here. Sally leaves today for DC to get Laura and I leave tomorrow (Monday). Joe and Hilla have been in Tel Aviv a couple days already.

In the midst of trying to get ready, my phones quit working and I had a major computer blow out. My hard drive got wiped CLEAN, I have nothing. No e-mail addresses, no pictures, no favorites, no games. So if you don't already have an external hard drive back up, GET ONE!!! The phones are back up and thanks to Lance (aka Mr Wizard) I have a new hard drive and can start clean when I get home. If you want to be added back to my e-mail address book, send me a bullshit e-mail and when I reply, Outlook will put you in my new address book.

Many thanks to my dear friends at AS/DS for the wonderful send off on Friday. As most of you know it was my last day of work for Max. I made so many friends and learned so much in my 3 years there. I will think of you fondly and miss you. Thanks for all the great food and nice gifts. The roses are still beautiful. Little Mommie, the retirement kit with the instruction book is one of the most clever, thoughtful gifts I have ever received. You are very special to me. I am so glad to have met and worked with so many talented people, each one of you has left their mark on me.

My big adventure is about to start, so glad you will be able to share it with me this way. Special thanks to Wes, without whom there would be no blog.

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