Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday the 28th

Another travel day.  We didn't have to leave the hotel til 9:30 to get to the airport, but when we got t some of the here it was a mess.  The gates were all in the same area and we didn't see our flight posted at any of them.   Roberto had gone into the market to get some of the bread and cheese that Cusco is famous for to take back to his grandmother in Lima.  Since he wasn't around for reassurance some of the folks started getting hinky.  They were going from gate to gate trying to figure out where we needed to go, even though Roberto had warned us that the gates for departures change frequently right up until time to board.  Eventually he arrived and they announced our departure.  There was a huge crush of people with no clear indication of where we should line up.  Our group migrated toward a space along the wall and another big group lined up in an aisle across the room.  When they started boarding, they opened up a space next to the wall for people to come through.  The folks waiting in the aisle were ready to riot, Gayle got into a huge argument with a man who wanted to cut in front of her.  Crowd mentality can get weird, we all had assigned seats on the plane and were all going to board, but this need to be first just makes people aggressive.  I'm more of the sit and wait til the line goes down, I'd rather read a book than get jostled and elbowed by a crowd. 

Our flight went well, we stayed in a very nice hotel in the Mira Flores district.  We had a little free time, I walked around and found a casino.  I thought I'd play some blackjack in honor of my Dad, but the tables weren't open til later in the evening.  Played on a machine instead, came ahead by a few soles, then back to the hotel for dinner.