Sunday, May 31, 2009

all for now

The last few pictures are good bye to Tel Aviv and hello to Eilat. Eilat is surounded on 3 sides by mountains with the Gulf of Aquaba on the south. There is a coral reef just off shore that I hope to see tomorrow.
P.S. Hello to my followers. Also I am picking up my e-mail every few days so if anybody wants to send me a message I'd be glad to hear from home. Kimberly, I know you are taking excellent care of my puddy cats and they are fine. But, if you get a chance to drop me a line, feel free.
People here take their dogs everywhere, even into restaurants. Last night there was a stray cat wandering around while we ate dinner, getting plenty of scraps of fish.

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  1. Hey Bjax,
    So glad to hear you are having a good trip! We miss you much. The kitties are doing great, just fine but, I'm sure they are wondering where their mommy is! Keep in touch. Look forward to seeing you soon!