Sunday, May 31, 2009

more pictures

I have to break up the pictures as the blog will only accept upload of 8 megapixels at a time. So, after icecream, Sally, Hilla and I went back to the hotel. Joe and Laura went on to visit with Joe's friends who had come to Tel Aviv for the wedding. The automatic sliding door was blocked and we entered through a side door that was propped open. Hilla explained that being the Sabbath, the orthodox jews could not use a door that required electricity. Joe said later that at Brandeis, his friends in the dorm would occasionally come over and say "we are sitting in the dark". They had forgotten to turn lights on before sundown, but couldn't ask directly for someone to do it for them. Also the T.P. in the bathrooms had to be taken out of the dispensers. It was okay to take it off a cardboard roll from a shelf but not to use it from some sort of mechanical device. Speaking of T.P., I am making a cultural study of all the different types of toilets I encounter. I especially like the ones here that have choices for a small or big flush, so you don't waste water if it's only #1. Plus, the T.P. goes in a garbage can, not down the john.
Anyhow, this morning I saw the kids long enough for goodbye pictures and took off for the airport. The Sde Dov airport north of town is very small, just for domestic flights. The security check was very serious. I got asked a lot of questions about where I'd been, etc. My passport is newly renewed, I was traveling alone on a one way ticket and already had a Jordanian visa. The security guard was very polite and I finally answered her questions satisfactorily. When I went to check in I found out the travel agent had booked my flight from Eilat to Tel Aviv. Luckily, there are constant flights and I was able to get on a flight, no problem. After I got here it turned out the hotel had 2 reservations for me, that took a few minutes to straighten out, but no big deal.

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