Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Petra page 2

So the hotel here is nothing special, a little cleaner than Eilat and very close to the entrance to Petra. That came in handy on the way back this afternoon. I think there are very few people in the hotel right now. When I went to breakfast the restaurant looked like it was ready for a wedding reception. Tables for 10 all covered in pastel cloths, cloth chair covers, fancy glasses. There were tables down the side all set up for buffet but EMPTY. The waiter was very nice and said, no buffet, we bring you everything. That consisted of a plate with 2 pieces each of tomato and cucumber, a hard boiled egg, some cheese and 2 slices of what looked like radioactive bologna. I got coffee, bread and butter and ate the egg and cheese. I could sure go for a grilled ham and cheese or some EZ Mac. These pictures are the 2 little girls who were selling rocks. One wanted to put my glasses on. The kids are everywhere selling stuff along with the adults. You can see some of the pattern in the rock, some tombs and the Treasury. No home type dwellings have been excavated, the theory is that the commom people lived in the caves. There are still a couple Bedouin camps in the "park".

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