Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On to the Wadi Rum

It dawned on me I should leave a little info about who I'm going with. I arranged the trip through Yassin Al-Hilalat, his family runs the Treasury Bazaar in the block of the main tourist street just in front of the Edom Hotel. His e-mail is He will pick me up this morning, take me to Little Petra, then turn me over to Ahmad Al-Hilalat. I'm not sure how they are related, this seems to be a very common last name as the waiter the night before last at the Red Cave restaurant gave me his card and he is Haron Al-Hilalat. It's a small community here with lots of decendants of the original bedouin tribes. Anyhow, Ahmad will take me for a tour of the Wadi Rum, we will stay in one of the established camps tonite and tormorrow he will take me on to Amman. More later, Jax

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