Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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The trip here was interesting. The company sent Laurie to take me to the border, just a short drive from Eilat. She walked me through as far as she could. I had to walk about 50 yards on my own. I was the only person crossing at that time. Abu Tariq was on the Jordanian side to help with the officials there. They looked at my passport, then let Abu open the gate and close it behind us. I think maybe he's been there before. Mohammed was waiting in a nice air conditioned Hyunda and the 3 of us make the 2 1/2 hour trip to Petra. Mohammed seemed to speak more English than Abu. I wondered why both guys went, maybe it wouldn't be decent for a man and woman to be alone for so long. The Jordanian men remind me of the Egyptians, sort of a covert leering, with questions about why I'm out and about on my own. I'm glad I decided to wear a fake wedding ring, I always tell them my husband is nearby.
These pictures are more scat, the cistern, capital and mosaics from a church. More carvings and a "modern" Bedouin camp.
The ride was very interesting. Jordan has hills as tall as mountains but not in ranges. More like the mogels that form on a ski slope. All brown, rocks and sand. Very little except a bit of scrub grows without irrigation.
And nestled in a group of those hills is the red rose sandstone of Petra. The narrow entrance was formed by shifts in the tectonic plates. The rest was carved by the Nabetians in the 2nd century and in some places revised by the Romans during their occupation. My pictures of the theatre didn't come out very well. You really have to see it to believe it. I walked in early this morning when it was still pretty cool. The walk out was brutal, hot and uphill.
Tomorrow I head to the Wadi Rum and then Friday, the Palace Hotel in Amman.

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