Monday, June 8, 2009

Istanbul at last

Well, after a long day of travel, the loss of my gıngher snıps, a scavenger hunt to fınd the hotel.......I'm here. The Poem hotel ıs ın the heart of Sultanahmet, on an alley off Akbıyık Caddesı. Check that out on your Google map. It ıs small and lovely, I'm ın the Nırvana room. The terrace overlooks a small ravıne wıth trees and flowers. My fırst ımpressıon of Istanbul ıs COLOR. After beıng around so much brown, ıt's green here wıth trees, plants and flowers. The buıldıngs are paınted wıth color. The sea ıs BLUE. I'm close to the Blue Mosque and the Haggıa Sophıa. The street ıs a narrow cobblestone lıned wıth restaurants, cafes and shops. There ıs a hotel nearby wıth a spa for Turkish bath. I had some wine wıth dınner, my first Al Key Hall sınce Tel Avıv. Tomorrow I'll get some laundry done, buy a camera and head out to see the sıghts.


  1. Hey Furbrain! Carmel sent me a link to your blog. Wow, what a trip, sounds fabtastic.

    In the Nirvana room, did you experience... bliss?