Monday, March 10, 2014

Kane and Jix great adventure

Kane  and  Jix were  a  couple  of  wild  women.   One  day  they  decided it  would  be  a  good idea  to  drive  around  an  island  where  everyone  drives on  the left  side  of  the  road.  "Yes",  they  said  "that  would  be  a very  good  idea."   So the  picked  an  island  that  has  very   few   stop  lights,  one  where  most   of the  intersections  are roundabouts.   "Yes",  they   said,  "roundabouts  are  an excellent  idea".   So  off they   went in  a  rented  car  with  the  steering  wheel   on the  right.   "Let's take  lots   of maps",  they  said.  So they did.

We   started  out  with a  short  jaunt   down   the  main  road   to  a  breakfast   spot  known  for  it's  hash.   On  the  way  out of  the   Marriott   driveway   someone  banged the  car  into   the  left side  curb hard  enough to  crack  the plastic  hubcap.   Luckily   they  had decided to splurge  on   the   "extra"  insurance  coverage.    We  got  to Cimbocco and  learned  they  only   have  hash  on  the weekends, so  we  had  fruit  and   french  toast.   Then  we  were  on  our  way   to  the  Queen Eliz  2  Botanical gardens  in the  middle   of the  island.   Finding our  way   from   the  west side  to  the   road  that  runs  along  the south  side of  the  island took some time  and  some  backtracking, but   we  made it.    Then  we   traveled  along  the  south  shore  for a  while   til   turning  north on  Frank   Sound Rd.   When  we  got  there we  learned   that  the  part  of  the  park  where you can  see   the  giant   blue iguanas and  learn about  the conservation   efforts  on their  behalf   was  closed.   The   rest  of  the  park  was  beautiful  with  all  sorts  of   different plants,  many  with  beautiful  flowers.  The  special orchid  area  was  disapointing  because  it  too late in  the  season  and most  had  finished   blooming.  We did  see  some  smaller iguanas, parrots,  butterflies,  dragon flies and  other water  birds.  

From there  we  decided to continue   north  to   the  north  shore  and   went  all  the way  out  on  the  western  point  to  Cayman Kai.   We stopped  at  a small   public  beach  access area  and   waded  a  bit.  It   was  interesting  to  see  different  parts  of  the island.  We saw  lots  of  places  for  rent and  for  sale.   Olive says  everything is for  sale in  the Caymans,  at the  right  price.   We  headed  back  along  the  north  shore and stopped  at a place  called  Over  the  Edge.  A simple  open air  restaurant with a  deck   that  is  built   literally over  the  edge   of  the  waterfront.   We had   spicy   peel  and  eat   shrimp   and  sandwiches.  Good food  with  pleasant  service.  So relaxing to sit   and   watch  the  water  while  you  eat.  No hurry.  In  fact we didn't  know  or  care  what  time  it  was  all day.  That's  a  real  luxury.   By  the   time  we  got  back   into  Georgetown,  we  could  tell  by  the  traffic  that  it  was  the  end  of  the  work  day.  We  stopped  at   Kirk supermarket,   way  nicer than   the  one  I  had gone  to   earlier  in  the  week.   Got  a  few   snacks  and  a jug  of water  and  headed   home.

The  driving  was   a  little  nerve  wracking  at  first,  especially  getting out  of  town  and  figuring  out  how   to  use  the  roundabouts.  But once  we  got  past  7 Mile  Beach  and  Georgetown, the  traffic  thinned  out and  it  wasn't  bad.    Had   a  drink   at  the  bar   then  a  little  rest.   We  are  looking  at  a  swim  with  the  dolphins   tomorrow  or  Wed.   It's  so  nice  here,  just wander around  in  shorts  and sandals,  so warm,  the  water  so  beautiful.  On  the  way  home  we  passed the  residence  hall  for St  Matthew's  University.  Looked it up   and  it's  a  combo medical/veterinary   school.   What  a  hoot.

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