Tuesday, March 11, 2014

just a few random thoughts for tues am

Went   to   fill   the  car  up  with   gas  so  it  could  be  returned.  We  had  a  Suzuki Swift  that  used  less than  2  gallons  of  gas   with   all the  driving  we  did  yesterday.  Good thing, too.  Gas  was  $5.61  Cayman  dollar   for  an  Imperial  gallon  which  is .8  of  a  US  gallon.  Yikes,  it  must  be  expensive  for the  boats  to  operate.

Stopped at the  desk  to  talk   to  Laura,  one  of  my  favorites.  She's  from Argentina, same  as Pablo, my  latest  new  gay boyfriend.   She  said  they  studied   hotel  management  together and  were   in the   Virgin Islands  for  a  couple  years.  Went back  to Argentina to further their education,  then got   jobs  here.  Imagine what  they   invested in  tuition  to   work  at  the  reception  desk.   Our  drinks  guy  last night  is  from   the  Phillipines  and the cleaning lady  on the  beach is  from jamaica.  It's a  little   United   Nations   here.

Stopped  to see  the  parrot on my  way  in.  He  wanted  to  play  tug  o  war  again  and  screeched   with  delight  when  he  won.   I  have  decided  to  call  him  Herr  Proffesor  Dr   Dr  Sleepy  Nie  Nie  Rope a  Dope  Lover Boy.   Nealie,  the door  man  says  they  do  take   him  out   everyday  and  let  him  interact   with  people  in  the  lobby  and  on  the  beach.

Lastly,  but  definitely   not  leastly.   I  need   a Tim  Gunn  intervention  here.  It's  one  thing for  the  young  boys   to  sag  their  britches,   sometimes  it's  funny  to  see  them   try  to  run  without  losing  their pants.  But  honestly,  who  ever  thought  that  it  was  a  good  idea  for  a  man  with  a  big  belly   to  fasten  his  pants,   shorts,  bathing  trunks,  whatever........low  under   the belly and  let  that   big  ol   thing   hang  out  for  the  world   to  see.   And if  they  are  hairy........don't  get me started.   "No"  said  Kane  and  Jix,  "that  is  a  very  bad  idea  indeed".

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