Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dolphins and Rays

Wed AM, coffee  overlooking the ocean,  then  we  were  off to  Dolphin Cove.  Connie  chose the  program  where people  stand on a  platform  in waist  deep  water  and  interact with  the  dolphins.   I went with a  group  in  flotation vests  out into  the  lagoon.   The animals  are  amazing,  they  give kisses  and   will  float on their  back and  let  you hand  on  while   they  tow  you.  The  handlers  had  them  chatter  and  jump  and  they  seemed  to  be  okay  with  it  all.   Before  we  started,  one  boy  was  jumping  up  out  of  the  water  onto  a  low  platform, rolling  around,  then  "falling"off  the edge  with  a  big  splash.  He  did  it  a  couple  times.  We  saw  them swim  and  jump  together.  The  handlers  said  it  takes  about a year  to  train  them,  they  use  whistles,  hand  signals  and  lots of  squid  treats.  Of  course it  seems  sort  of  commercial,  it's  $100.  plus  for  the  encounter  then  discs  of  your  pictures  are  on  sale  after  for  $99.

After  the  dolphins  I  got  on the  boat  to  go  back  to  Stingray  City.  Connie  came   back  to  the  hotel as  she  wasn't  interested  in  going again.  This  was  a bigger  boat  with  lots of  people,  many from  a Celebrity cruise  ship.  There  were  a  lot  of  other  boats  at  the  sand  bar, too.  But  our  guys  chummed  the  water  and  had  several  guys  in  the  water  to  hold  the  rays  and  let  people  see them.  I took  my  snorkel  and  mask   and  got  to  see  some  of  the  rays  swimming.  They  just  glide  around.  We  got  to  feed  some  ourselves  and  there  were  plenty  of rays  to  see  and  touch.  One  of  the  handles  caught  a  young  one,  maybe  as  big  as  the  palms  of  his  hand.  He  held  her  and  let  us  touch  but  protected  her  as  she  is  still not  so  used  to people.  Back  on  the  boat  and  more pictures  for  sale.  I  didn't  buy  any,  hoping  i got  some  good  shots   with  my  underwater  camera.    

Back  to  the  hotel,  bought  a  can of  almonds  and   went  to  see  Professor  Lover  Boy,  now  aka  Dr  No No  Polly  want  a  Ho Ho.  I  dropped  the  almonds  in  his  food  dish,  his  beak  and  his  claws are  pretty  sharp.  I  tried  to  get  him  to  talk  a  little  but  he  just  squawked   for  nuts.  He  picked  them  up  out  of  the  dish  with  his  left  claw,  hung  on  to  the  dish  with  the  right,  then  with  the  nut  between  his  ?talons?   he  ate away.  His  feathers  are  such   beautiful  colors  and  he  can  look  you right  in   the  eye  and  make  such  a  connection.

After  a  shower  and  a rest,  we  went  down  to  the beachside  restaurant  for  lobster  night.  The  sun  had  just  set  and  the  horizon  was  a  beautiful pink.  We  had  a  glass  of  bubbly,  lobster  spring  roll, bisque  with  a  small slice  of  a  grilled cheese  sandwich,  then  a  lobster  tail  with  mashed  tators  and  veggies.  We  also  got  to  taste  the  lobster thermidor  and  the  lobster  mac  and  cheese.   And  for  dessert.........key   lime  pie  and  sticky  toffee  cake.   The  portions  were  small,  except  for  the  lobster  tail,  and  we  didn't  eat  all of  everything,  but  still  were  stuffed.  Our  favorite waiter,  Walter,  was  there  and  we  got  European  cheek kisses  on  the  way  out. I  think  a  lot  of  people  treat  the  wait staff  here  like  robots, don't  talk  to  them  like  people.  Connie  and  I  like  to  talk  and  laugh  with  them.  The  service  here  has  been  top  notch,  people  go out  of   their way  to  do  things for   you.  If  you say  thank  you,  they always  say  you  are  very welcome  or  it  is  my  pleasure.

Well,  hate  to  say  it  but  we  have  to  get  ready  to  leave  tomorrow.  Not  looking  forward  to  getting  back  to  cold  weather,  but  will be  glad  to  see  my  puddie  tats.

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