Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23rd in Quito

We're  back   in  Quito   after   spending   5  days  in the  Galapagos.  It  was  a  fantastic experience.   We've  been  so   busy  and  with no wiFi on  the  boat I haven't  had  much  time to post.  But   I'm  taking  lots  of  pictures   and  keeping track  of all  we've  done so  as   soon   as  I  have  time I'll add to  this   blog.  I  have  figured  how  to  get  the  pictures   from my  camera  onto  Picasa  so hope  to  have   some  things  to share  one  of these   days.  Tomorrow  is  a  travel day,  to Lima  and then  Cusco. 

·         Most of the rest of the crew went to see a volcano today but I opted to stay in Quito. I slept til 7 , had a leisurely morning, ate breakfast, found mantiquilla de mani (peanut butter) at the market and took a cab into the "old town”. I looked around in a couple museums, saw some cool pre columbian art, and wandered around looking in the local shops. The President of Bolivia is in town, in fact he is staying in our hotel. In one of the large plazas a video screen was set up and they were broadcasting the President making a speech.  I found out later he was traveling to neighboring countries trying to get support to bring Edward Snowdon to Bolivia by ship. I went  back to the hotel and had a massage. Tomorrow morning we will get a wake up call at 2:30 to travel to Peru. We have to fly to Lima and then transfer to Cusco.


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