Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the 15th It`s a small small world

First, let me say I`m having  a heck of a time getting pictures  on  the  tablet.  I`ll  keep trying.  Meantime, I got paired with  a roommate  I did not  know,  so  as  we  are talking  I learned that  her  mother  lives  in  Cuyahoga  Falls     and  that  the  roommate  works for  the  Episcopalian   Diocese  of   Cleveland.     I  tell  her my   cousin   is  an  arch   deacon of  the  Episcopalian  church  in  Nebraska.   She  tells  me  her  mom   is a  Deacon   at  St  Paul`s  in    Akron.     Of  course that`s where   my  aunt,  uncle  and  cousins  have  gone to church   for years.    She knows my  family   well   and  her   mom   had  just   visited my aunt  the  week   before  because  she had  been  in  a  rehab  facility.  Does  this  type  of  stuff  happen  to  other people?  or just me?        When I  was  in  Guatemala  City  with  Joe and  Laura  around   2006,  I ran into John Szabo who I  had  worked   with  for  a number of years   when I worked for the   state.

Back  to  Ecuador.   Our  plane  rides  went well,   we   arrived  late and  by the   time we got  to our  hotel  it was  2AM.     We are staying in the  Suisse  hotel   which  is   very  nice.   Got   up  early   and   had  a  tour   of   different  places   around  the  city,  then a visit   to   the   equator.    Our tour director  is  quite  nice  and has   shared  lots of info with  us.   Quitos  population   is  2.5  million,    we   are high  up  in  the  Andes  and  the views  are   fabulous.  I  can   feel   the   effects   of   the  altitude   but  nothing  too  bad   and  seem  to be adjusting.    We have  an   early   start  tomorrow   to go to the   indigenous  peoples market at   Otovalo.     I  am  hoping   to   be   able   to   add   pictures   soon  and  flesh  out   the   details  but  for  now   need   to    sleep..

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