Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coming Home

I feel so incredibly  lucky   to  have made  this trip.  Ecuador  and  Peru  are  beautiful  with  many  interesting  things to  see.   The  Andes  are spectacular   and   Machu  Piccu  is beyond  words.  I promise  to  figure  out  the  picture  thing  when I get home.  We  have had great  weather,  the  only  rain  we  saw was going up  to the  highlands on  Santa  Cruz and that stopped  before  we  got to  the tortoise   sanctuary.  It  is cloudy  here  in  Lima, but  warm,  and  the  moisture feels  good.  Sometimes I  like  the  freedom  of  traveling  on  my  own, but  this  time  have  been  very  glad  that  Go Ahead,  and  esp  our  local  tour  guides,  have   handled so many  of  the  arrangements.      The  naturalists  in  the Galapagos  knew where  to  go to see things,  we  walked  right  next  to   nursing  sea  lions  and  marine  iguanas.  We   saw  many  important  cultural sites  and  learned  about  the  history of the  places   we  visited.  I  had  many opportunities  to  interact with the local people,  most were  so  friendly.  A  smile  and  buenos  dias  went  far  and  a  como  se  llama  or  como  esta  made  a  new  friend.  The  food  was  good   and  plentiful.  The  bread  was  great  every where  and  we  had  local  butter  from  grass fed   cows   several  times.  I  ate   quinoa and  sea  bass,  discovered  banana  chips and mantiquilla   de  mani  (peanut  butter).   The  Margaret  Lawson group  is a bunch of nice folks who  all  get  along  and  look  after  each other.  I've  been  lucky  with  the  altitude,  just  a  few  minor  symptoms.  Other  than  some   aches  and  pains  from  walking and  climbing  I  have had no problems.

We  flew  to  Lima  today  and  will  leave  for  home  on  an  overnight  flight  tomorrow.  I have  had  a  wonderful time, but  am  ready  to  see  my  friends  and  family,  sleep  in  my  own  bed   and  kiss  my  kitties.  Kimberly  and  lance will be gone  and  that's  hard  to  face, but  like  this fabulous  trip  I have  many  memories  that   will  last  a  lifetime.

Roberto  has  arranged a group dinner in  the  hotel tonite.  I  think  before  that  I  will  go  out  and  look  around.  We  are  near  the coast  (saw  surfers  on   the  way  here)  and  within  walking  distance of  a  central park.

Adios, South  America,  it's  been  a  blast

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