Tuesday, February 21, 2012

goodbye Kauai

These are pictures from our trip to Waimea, the spouting hole, and dinner at the Plantation Gardens including my baked Hawaiian.  Also sunset at the Beach House.  I went diving today, just 2 tanks from the shore near the resort but still pretty cool.  They set up at a landing that was used years ago by the whalers, the dive master showed us a picture of a huge winch that they used to bring the whales on shore.  They slaughtered them on the spot then loaded them on a train, the vestiges of the tracks are still here, too.  The dive master was a very laid back guy, there was only one other diver along, a man my age or older.  Our dive master Scott took time to show us previews of some things we might see and go over safety info.  It was definitely different to wade into the surf, the water was cool, even with a wet suit with strong waves and currents, but as soon as we got under and started moving I was quite comfortable.  We stayed just off shore, went up and back one side, came out for a rest and fresh tank and then explored on the other side.  WOW.  We saw several sea turtles, a couple different eels and lots of fish.  The coral is not as prolific or colorful as I have seen in other places but the underwater world is just amazing.  We saw a fish that turns over little rocks and eats the mollusks or whatever he finds.  Scott turned over some bigger rocks for him and he hung around for a while.  We also saw a “cleaning station”.  I don’t remember the name of the fish but it cleans the scales of the others, it hangs out in one spot and the other fish come and wait for their turn to be cleaned.  We only went down about 35 or 40 feet, the current was strong and it took some effort to propel myself in any specific direction.  After I was pooped!!!  Decided to have a massage in a cabana overlooking the water.  The height of decadence, a jasmine oil massage in the sun with the sound of the ocean all around.    My cousin Betsy has picked up my Mom and taken her to the Grand Hyatt where Betsy and Gary were staying for Parrot talk.  They Hyatt has several parrots that live in the lobby.  Unfortunately, their wings are clipped to keep them captive.  But they have lots of human interaction which they seem to enjoy and you can hold one if you want to.  After Parrot talk Betsy and Gary took my Mom to lunch which was nice so I had a little time to myself.  Later we went out and sat by the ocean for a while, then went to the Beach House to see the sunset.  There were some people with a dog that never seemed to tire of chasing sticks thrown into the ocean and bringing them back.     It is gorgeous here.  Betsy and Gary headed home today and we are on our way to Maui tomorrow.
PS, pictures from the dive are on an underwater camera so you’ll have to wait for those until I get them developed and on a disc.

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