Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aloha from Waikiki

Our journey started in San Francisco, our cousin Jerry has lived there for 40 years and tho we don't see him often he is still part of the family. He was a great host and took us to dinner at a great Italian place on Sunday night. Monday AM, I ran around on my own, went to Biztech, a great fabric store, looked around in Chinatown and rode the cable car to Fisherman's wharf. Near the fabric store was a clothing shop that had rows of old sewing machines in all its windows. VERY COOL. Then back to the Fairmont, a wonderful old hotel, where Jerry picked us up for some sightseeing. He drove us all over, including over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausilito where we had tea in a place with a view across the bay to San Fran. Then we went to Coit tower, went to the top to the lookout and after that I walked down the steps on the backside of Coit Tower. It's where the wild parrots used to live. I didn't see any parrots but the terraced gardens are beautiful and there were some cool mosaic art pieces. Jerry and my Mom picked me up at the bottom of the hill and we ended up at Millenium for dinner. Jerry says it's the premier vegan restaurant in the country and he eats there about twice a week. The waitress called him the Mayor of Millenium. We didn't even use the menu. they just brought us things they thought we would like. It was okay but I liked the polenta and rissotto at the italian place better. We said goodnight and headed back to the Fairmont.

Our flight today from SFO to Honalulu was 5 hours, long but smooth. We are in a nice Holiday Inn just across the main street from the beach. It's pretty touristy here. I walked out on the beach, sat in the shade, had a shave ice and did some primo people watching. Ain't it grand to so superior you can judge everybody else??? The weather is warm, the beach is beautiful, there are palm trees everywhere. Pretty nice. Tomorrow we have a city tour and a visit to Pearl Harbor. Bare with me folks, the format is very messy and I have no idea how part of the text got underlined. But I haven't done this since Alaska so hopefully as the days go by I'll get better at posting the pictures in chrono order, maybe even some captions. Aloha for now.

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