Thursday, June 24, 2010

Doggie World

Monday 6/21, the Summer Solstice (18+ hours of daylight in Alaska). Our flight out of Juneau was sched for 8PM, so we had the whole day. We decided to take the helicopter trip to the glacier and do some dog sledding. The parts of the glacier that are at the higher altitudes get 200 to 300 FEET!!! of snow every year and in the places it doesn't melt it builds up and becomes a glacier. The clouds burned off and we sun and about 30 degrees to play with the dogs. The helicopter took us up over the mountain and landed us at Doggie World. There is an entire camp with 150 dogs. The mushers live on the mountain a week at a time, run the dogsled trips and care for the dogs. They have the dogs harnessed to a 2 seater sled with a little one seater tied behind. The musher drives the big sled and we took turns driving the little one. Hootie Hoo. After some sled time we got to interact with the dogs. They are all mixed breeds, each with his or her own personality. They all wear these little nylon booties to keep the snow from building up between their pads and harming them. They all seem to love to pull, it's harder to stop them than it is to get them started.

We went back to Juneau and had a snack at Tracey's Crab Shack. YUM. Time to head home.

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