Thursday, September 10, 2015


On August 26th I lost my dearest little kitty, Bibo.  I don't know why we say "lost" when someone dies, it's not like he's out there somewhere that I might find him.  I wish it was possible, I am having a hard time accepting that he's not coming back to me.  I want him back so badly, I'd give anything for it.  He was only 14 years old and the only cat I've ever had as a kitten.  I woke up and he was on the living room floor.  He was not moving much and having a hard time breathing.  I tried to set him up on his feet and he just collapsed back down.  I called the vet and took him right over.  Dr Eric looked at him, his pupils were reactive to light, but his blink reflex was weak.  He had a weak reaction to pain in his paws.  The Dr said he thought Bibo had had a stroke.  He was not optimistic about his prognosis.  He said to leave him and they'd try giving him some fluids and see how he did. He called shortly after I got home to say there was fluid on Bibo's lungs and it did not look good.  He said I should come in and talk about putting him down.  We set a time.  Before I got back to the vet, Dr Stewart called.  My dear little boy was gone.  His blood pressure dropped and he stopped breathing. 

I tried calling Connie, but no answer.  It was Wed so I called the collection, got Gayle and then Connie.  She said she would come.  She took me over to the vet, they had Bibo wrapped up in a nice blanket but I had taken the towel the girls on the boat in Alaska had used to make a red carpet for me.  I wrapped him up in the towel and brought him home.  Connie helped me dig a spot for him in the back yard.  I sprinkled some catnip in it, put him in, laid in some hosta flowers and added some CatSip.  I ended up going back to the Collection with Connie for the afternoon, just to have something to do.  I took some time over the weekend to create a shrine, a garland of fall flowers on a wire support with a home made prayer flag.  I found a candle holder at VOA and put it out there so I can light a votive for him.  I bought a kit to make a concrete marker. 

I'm glad I'm working on Sweeney Todd, it helps keep me busy.  I just miss Bibo so much.  I think Stewie misses him too.  Thank God for Stewie.  He is so sweet and affectionate.  Even crazy 21 year old Precious has been acting different.  Instead of hiding upstairs she's been laying on the floor just inside the living room doorway.  She's also been singing her little song at night. I guess there's nothing more to do but hang on and let time go by, hope the hole in my heart will heal.  I was in DC over Labor Day and it was nice to spend some time with the kids.  We just goofed around and ate and drank.  One day we were in Old Alexandria and went into an old church.  They had a prayer box, so I asked for prayers for my boy.  I started to cry and the kids were very comforting.  They are both very sensitive and loving.  It was a good visit.    

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